March 20, 2019 Seminars

This March 20th seminar focused on legal issues associated with hiring new employees, and covered the following topics:

  1. Designing executive compensation and employee benefit programs to attract and keep employees.
  2. Drafting and negotiating offer letters and employment contracts that comply with employment, tax and benefit laws.
  3. How to properly document hiring needs.
  4. How to draft a lawful “want ad”.
  5. Legal requirements for job applications.
  6. How to conduct lawful background checks.
  7. An overview of notice and enrollment requirements with respect to employee benefit plans.
  8. The intersection of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the hiring process.
  9. The Maryland New Hire Registry.
  10. Complying with various reporting requirements (such as I-9s and W 4s), including Affordable Care Act and various other employee benefits reporting requirements.

A PDF of the seminar handout can be downloaded here. 

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