Smith & Downey, P.A.

Smith & Downey is one of the nation’s leading law firms concentrating in employee benefits, executive compensation, and human resources law. The firm’s attorneys are among the most respected in their fields. Founded in 1992 by three attorneys from a large, multi-national law firm, Smith & Downey is built on the belief that “Wall Street” level services can be available at “Main Street” rates through utilization of the boutique law firm format. The firm provides exceptional, cost-effective legal services within their practice areas, leading to long-term, gratifying client relationships.

Smith & Downey attorneys possess highly focused skill sets and a broad array of experience in all aspects of employee benefits, executive compensation, labor and employment law, and related litigation. They are respected nationally for their leading counsel in areas including:

  • Tax-qualified retirement plans
  • The Affordable Care Act and all other legal aspects of health and welfare benefit plans
  • Non-qualified deferred compensation
  • Equity compensation
  • Governmental employer representation
  • Health care industry employee benefits
  • Executive compensation
  • Church employer representation

The firm's clients range from professional and entrepreneurial firms with just a few employees to international conglomerates with hundreds of thousands of employees, and are found in all areas of the country.

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