Balancing Required Accommodations with the Needs of the Workplace During a Pandemic

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This presentation will address how to balance the requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Title VII to accommodate employees with disabilities and/or religious objections in light of the unique challenges faced during the COVID pandemic. We will be focused on difficult questions arising out of accommodation requests, including:

  • Does the ADA allow employers to encourage or mandate vaccination, and how can employers legally monitor employee compliance?
  • When does an employer need to engage in the “interactive dialogue”?
  • When is leave a reasonable accommodation?
  • What if attendance is an essential function of the job, and when can an employer finally cut off leave?
  • How should an employer assess whether an employee’s religious accommodation request is valid?
  • When can the employer invoke an “undue hardship”?
  • Best practices for documentation to avoid litigation

In discussing these questions, we will consider real-world examples and recent cases that shed light on these challenging issues.

Featured Speaker:

Kerstin Miller, Partner – Smith & Downey

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