May Seminar

As previously announced, we'll be holding our next clients and friends seminar at the BWI Marriott on Thursday May 11, 2017, from 8 a.m. to noon. The following are some of the topics we'll cover at the seminar. (As always, we expect to add topics to reflect developments between now and May 11.)

I. Health and Welfare Plans

  1. Continuing Guidance for Opt-out Payments, SCA Cash-in-Lieu Payments, and the Like
  2. Proposed Changes to Form 5500
  3. Retiree Coverage and Special Rules for Plans Covering One or Fewer Active Employees
  4. Spotting and Avoiding MEWAs
  5. A Review of the Employer Mandate Rules Mid-year Changes Provisions
  6. Formal Marriage, Common Law Marriage, Domestic Partners and Civil Union Partners
  7. ACA Reporting Update
  8. Updates on Transgender Benefits Coverage
  9. The HFSA Debit Card Rules
  10. Eligibility Exclusions for Individual Employees
  11. Pitfalls of Plan Vendor Agreements
  12. Independent Contractors, Leased and Seasonal Employees, and Other Special Categories
  13. Update on Wellness Rules
  14. The Updated Claims Procedures Rules
  15. Qualified Small Employer HRAs
  16. Church Plan Developments
  17. Accidental Multiple Employer Plans and MEP Compliance Issues
  18. State Escheat Laws Impact on ERISA Plans
  19. Update on the Status of the Affordable Care Act

II. Qualified Retirement Plans

  1. The New DOL Fiduciary Rule
  2. EPCRS – New Fees and Options for Correcting Missed Deferrals
  3. New Rules Permitting Funding Safe Harbor Contributions, QNECs and QMACs
  4. Form 5500 Audit Exception and Other Form 5500 Issues
  5. A Review of the Electronic Delivery Rules
  6. Governmental Retirement Plans Update
  7. New Mortality Tables for Defined Benefit Plans
  8. Document Correction Window for 403(b) Plans
  9. Update on IRS Determination Letter/Opinion Letter Program
  10. Review of Permissible Mid-Year Amendments to 401(k) Safe Harbor Plans
  11. Keeping Plans in Compliance without IRS Determination Letters
  12. Investment Policy Statement Best Practices
  13. IRS’s New Hardship Documentation Examination Guidelines

III. Executive Compensation

  1. Update on 457(f), 457(b) and 457(e)(11)
  2. Update on 409A
  3. 501(c)(3) Employers – Compliance with the Intermediate Sanctions and Form 990 Rules
  4. Traps for the Unwary – Health and Welfare Severance Violations, Post-Employment Health and Welfare Coverage, Pre-tax Contributions from Severance Pay, COBRA Reimbursements, Etc.

IV. Labor and Employment Law

  1. Employment Law in the New Administration: What to Expect
  2. Expansion of Age Discrimination Claims and “Subgroup” Theories
  3. Status Update on the Changes to the FLSA Regulations
  4. OSHA Updates - Changes to Post-Accident Drug Testing and Recordkeeping Rules
  5. Updates to Independent Contractor Issues
  6. Sexual Orientation Discrimination Under Title VII
  7. New EEOC Guidance on Equal Pay and Pregnancy Discrimination
  8. Arbitration Agreements – Should You Ask Your Employees to Sign One?
  9. MD, VA and DC Updates - New Credit Inquiry Laws, Family Leave Laws, and More

Please contact Alison Christian at 410-321-9000 or if you'd like to reserve a spot at the seminar. As always, the seminar is free.